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Review: The Gore Gore Girls at Hi-Dive

September 20th at Hi-Dive

by Rex

This was one of the best weeks of indie-rock concerts in Denver and after the Monolith Festival I decided I wanted to see The Gore Gore Girls, an all-girl Detroit band named after a 1972 horror flick.

Hammer and Amy Gore of the Gore Gore Girls

From their latest album, Get the Gore, I knew to expect basic rock ‘n roll with the band taking parts of late 50’s and early 60’s rock and mixing them with 70’s punk with a dash of 00’s garage flavor. One of their songs is co-written by Runaways co-founder Kim Fowley and the Gore Gore Girls have that same basic, straight-ahead rock sound.

Everything they do on stage is part of the style that makes the Gore Gore Girls unique. Dressed in short plastic black and white dresses, high-heeled boots and topped by 60’s style hair – no bad-girl group from 1966 ever played rock this way, with sneers, crush-you struts and teasing winks.

But it is the music that makes them worth the trip. They don’t try to do anything fancy, but they do it really well. I realized just how no-frills their sound is when I noticed that Hammer, the lead guitarist, had her giant Gretsch guitar plugged directly into her amplifier. No bothering with sound effects here. Their sound is definitely plug-and-play, and the simplicty is part of the appeal.

The crowd at the Hi-Dive ate up lead singer Amy Gore’s lyrics and the danceable tunes. At the end of the set she turned on her fuzz box and jumped on top of her gigantic vintage amplifier and totally rocked the last two tunes. They won all of us over.

Sometimes it is good to remember how powerful basic rock can be. The Gore Gore Girls mix that great sound with a style that makes for a great show. If you are interested in seeing them the Gore Gore Girls will be returning to Denver at the Larimer Lounge with Electric Six on October 22nd.

Set list:

Voodoo Doll
Start Struck
Pleasure Unit
I’m Gonna Get You Yet
Loaded Heart
Automatic Love
Sweet Potato
Don’t Cry
So Sophisticated
Little Baby
Fight Fire
Fox in a Box
Hammer Stomp
Buried and Dead
Astral Man
You Lied to Me Before
All Grown Up

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