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location: 2721 Larimer Street.


There is something about the Larimer Lounge that makes it feel like no other music venue in Denver. Maybe because Larimer Lounge is in Lo-Do instead of on Broadway or Colfax, it feels friendlier and more laid-back.

The stage of the Larimer Lounge is small and not very high, although it is more than twice as high and wide as it once was. The sound and lighting is simple. The ceiling in the old renovated building is low. But the atmosphere at The Larimer Lounge is first rate.

Larimer Lounge regularly books some of the biggest new indie rock acts and often snag shows that should be in much larger venues. They also are big supporters of the local music scene. Their summer BBQ series are fun and full of great music on Sunday afternoons.

Past shows at Larimer Lounge:

Upcoming Shows at Larimer Lounge