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The Hi-Dive

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location: 7 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80223


The Hi-Dive is more than just a bar with a stage in the back. It is actually the central item in a 3-building configuration that includes the excellent Sputnik cafe next door. The Hi-Dive seems to celebrate its status as a bar on Broadway.

The stage of the Hi-Dive is high which gives a good view from most of the floor, although it is relatively narrow in front of the stage. The Hi-Dive has a unique way of dealing with underage shows, so be prepared to down your drink and then move into the area in front of the stage for maximum enjoyment.

The Hi-Dive books many of the best up-an-coming indie rock acts and it is a great place to catch new music. It is also a favorite for many local bands and their great support of the local music scene in Denver is one of their strongest points.

Upcoming Shows at Hi-Dive